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Workers’ Compensation insurance covers employees who have been in a work-related injury. This type of insurance is required by most companies in the state of Louisiana. Workers’ compensation is a benefit afforded to the employee to protect them from injuries, lost wages, and other accommodations to make them whole. Worker’s comp is generally for the employee who is injured while performing work duties for the employer. The employee does not have to be at the company address or even during regular business hours, as long as they are performing the duties required of their employer. One example I recently heard of involved a sales representative who was delivered boxes of literature and marketing materials to his home after hours. This rep came home from work in the evening and several boxes were on his front porch. He moved them to the storage location which was on a shelf in his office closet. Upon raising one of the boxes above his head, he felt a pop in his shoulder. After calling the human resources department the next day, the sales rep was told this would be a worker’s comp claim. His medical insurance would not be used for office visits. He was provided with information to give to the doctor that would pay for his visits and treatments. This is just one of many examples of a worker’s comp claim.

Worker’s comp may also cover physical or psychological illnesses that are a result of long term workplace stress. However, in these cases, it may be difficult to prove that stress is purely work-related. Talking to your doctor can help determine if your injury, pain, or stress is related to your job. Another good place to get information would be from your human resource department at your company.

One rule to follow when reporting your worker’s comp claim is to make sure to report everything no matter how minor it may seem. The body is connected so just because you fall and injure your leg, that doesn’t mean that another part of your body couldn’t start to hurt a few days later. Your hands could have eased the fall but strained your back. You should make sure to give every detail of the incident and your injury when reporting your work-related accident.

When determining whether your injury, pain, and/or stress is related to your employment, don’t worry about the consequences of filing a legitimate claim. If your employer opens a worker’s comp claim for your injury, you have many rights without worrying about your job safety. You have the right to visit the doctor of your choice, even though many companies recommend doctors. The injured also have the right to heal completely prior to returning back to work. The proper time to heal will also minimize the risk of re-injury. Consultation with your doctor will help determine the most effective and efficient course of therapy and time for your recovery. Experiencing an injury while on the job is unfortunate but your treatment should afford you every opportunity to get better fast and with the best treatment available. Dr. Tod Aust treats and welcomes worker’s comp patients to his offices in Slidell, Metairie, and Thibodaux. He also works with all patients who are in pain. Call us today to schedule your appointment and get started living your pain-free life!


“We believe most patients can achieve optimal pain management with little to no chronic oral opioids, and use interventions to reduce or eliminate oral opioid use”.

Dr. Tod Aust