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Right now so many people are coping with pain and thinking about ways to better manage that pain. Many are forced to rely on medications to deal with this pain. Treatments can range from over the counter medications to prescription drugs, and even injections or pumps to give patients the pain relief they desperately need. Many times prescription drugs such as opioids are required to provide adequate pain relief, but many times safer options are available. Since opioids are so addictive, pain management physicians often look for alternatives to effectively treat pain while trying to minimize dependence.

There are many options when treating chronic pain. A first step would be to see a specialist in pain management.  This will allow the physician to get to know what you have been dealing with.  The severity of your injury, and how you have been coping with the pain.  The pain specialist can get a better understanding of the pain site, pain triggers, medicines and or treatments currently being used.  This will also allow your pain management specialist to help formulate a game plan going forward to help reduce or eliminate your pain.  Hopefully this includes reducing or eliminating oral opioid use and substituting equally effective but safer strategies.

Other treatment options from your pain management specialist can include an arsenal of interventional techniques.  These can include spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal pump implantation and management, and many other options to reduce or eliminate pain. This partnership with your doctor can help get you to a pain free tomorrow all while eliminating the chance of prescription drug addiction.

Home Remedies may also help you cope and manage pain. Talk to your pain management doctor prior to doing any exercise or alternate remedy.

These may include but not limited to: